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About the Institute

North Bay Neuroscience Team
We are dedicated to finding a solution to the Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our work, lead by Dr. Allan Bernstein (center) involves researching different potential medicines that may impact the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. We work with pharmaceutical companies which are in various trial stages of developing these new drugs. Our job is to work with patients (subjects) who have early Alzheimer indications and want to try these trial drugs. Their participation in these studies helps us all understand ways to beat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our team consists of Terry Hess, Director of Clinical Studies (pictured far left), Rich Speere, Clinical Trials Coordinator (pictured above Terry), Didi LaBue, RN (infusions) center/left,  Dr. Bernstein, Lauren Weber, Clinical Trials Assistant (second from right) and Maben Rainwater, Institute Director (far right).

What we do:

• Assist study applicants in understanding their current status with Alzheimer’s Disease

• Review their options regarding any current clinical trials

• Screen applicants to insure their applicability for studies

• Following a successful screening, enroll them in a particular study as a subject

• Work with them during the study to monitor their progress and understand the study impact

• Close out the study for a subject with an understanding of its impact and any observations

• Report out any findings and results to the study sponsors and regulatory agencies

North Bay Neurosciences Institute is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation incorporated in the State of California (C4150950). Our primary purpose is to conduct clinical research for a cure or treatment procedure for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia diseases.

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